THMT'20 - Abstracts and Paper Submissions

dot Guidelines for authors for preparing abstracts

Submission of abstract and/or manuscripts requires prior registration of the corresponding author. Please register, login and follow the guidelines. Submit Abstract of 2 to 4 pages with supporting illustrations as appropriate (recommended to use the short-papers template, word-formatted, see also manuscript-instructions-thmt-20.pdf. If you intend to use LaTeX as the word processor, please download the file, see also Latex-Template.pdf that has all the necessary styles and instructions. We strongly recommend the use of Overleaf ( web platform for the manuscript preparation in Latex in which case you do not need to have latex installed on your local computer. If you do not use the LaTeX typesetting program, you can use these instructions as general guidelines for your own word processor, as far as layout and font size is concerned or you can download the appropriate).

Link to Reserved Area for Paper Submission

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